About us

Al-Amal Academy

In partnership with the Prairie Land Public School Division, we have established the first, fully-accredited Islamic School in NW Calgary. We strive to grow this campus to become one of the foremost value-based schooling institutions in the province.

Our Aim

Our goal is to provide high quality education in line with Islamic principles, as well as the Alberta Education curriculum, giving students the tools they need to be well-rounded and successful contributors to society, as well as spiritually healthy and value-oriented.

Fostering Learning

We strive to build an educational environment which encourages personal growth and development, and gives students the room they need to reach their potential; with small class sizes and the accommodation of different teaching based on the student’s learning style.

Building a healthy base

We look to abide by Islamic principles in our work at Al-Amal Academy, and look to imbue our students with a strong grounding in their faith and allow them to be proud to be Muslim Canadians. Our teaching incorporates education about Islamic beliefs such as Qur’an and Sunnah classes.