About us

Every year, millions of children around the world either do not have access to or cannot afford even basic education. Continued lack of meaningful education leads to, amongst other things stagnated economic development, poverty, and exploitation.

The Pen and Paper Foundation is a grassroots initiative aimed at encouraging social change by fostering education around the world. With millions of children out of school today, we attempt to remove financial barriers to further education by providing school supplies to those who need it the most. By nurturing the path to success in education, we hope to provide a basis through which subsequent social issues such as poverty and lack of social mobility can be resolved.

Our foundation partners with local organizations in the target country to supply students living in poverty with school supplies such as: backpacks, textbooks, uniforms, notebooks, and stationery supplies. For just $50 CAD, or $40 USD, you can provide a year’s worth of school supplies for a child in need and give them just that much of a brighter future.


Through our partnership with Help & Knowledge Bangladesh, school supplies were delivered to 50 needy students from different schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


With the help of the Al-Khidmat foundation, school supplies were sent to 50 kids in the Tameer-e-Millat school in Kiwai, Pakistan


School supplies were delivered to 240 students in rural schools in Banane, Isiolo, and Garba Tula, with the help of local NGOs.

Rohingya Refugee Camps

We partnered with Help and Knowledge Bangladesh to deliver educational supplies to 700 refugee children in the Jamtoli rohingya refugee camp. Although exposure to education is very restricted to the refugees, we managed to find child care centers where kids had access to education