The Pen and Paper Foundation is dedicated to maintaining careful management of its finances and has adopted the policies written below covering the payment of foundation fees and the respective deadlines. We appreciate our families’ cooperation in assisting the foundation in meeting its financial obligations in a timely manner. For this school year, 100% of foundation fees will go into covering the school’s budgeted operating costs.

The prompt payment of all fees is most important as this school is non-profit and operational costs are a fixed matter. 

All parents are responsible for foundation fee payments once their child(ren) starts the 2023/2024 school session. Failure to attend or properly withdraw does not release the parent from financial obligation. Please refer below for withdrawal and payment deadlines.

To accommodate low-income families, we will need to depend on donations and fundraisers throughout the year. There will be no immediate low-income discount for 2023/2024.

*Please note: we are currently in the application process of being a Charitable Organization. *

*Foundation Fee restructured

Foundation Fee Policy

  • New student registration: $150/student (non-refundable)
  • All outstanding fees from 2022/2023 school year must be paid before re-registration.
  • Re-registration for currently enrolled students opens up on Feb 6, 2023 until March 17, 2023. After this, registration is opened up for new students. (Re-registration after March 17 will be considered a new registration and will require a $150 registration fee for everyone.)
  • Upon re-registration, 10% deposit required (non-refundable) to secure students’ spot for 2023/2024 school year, plus 40% payment due before Aug 30, 2023.
*Please note: A minimum 50% of fees need to be paid before the start of the school year (10% {non-refundable} and 40% before Aug 30, 2023.)
  • Remaining 50% due before Winter Break (December 22, 2023) (Installment plan available)


  • Sibling discount: 12.5%
  • Full fee payment discount: 5%

Fee payment options

  • Full payment before August 30th, receives 5% discount 
  • Installment plan available for 50% amount due: September 2023 to December 22, 2023.
  • Can be split into either 2 payments or 4 payments.
  • Require either credit card information or post-dated cheques on file
  • $100 administration fee for installment plans

Payment methods

• Debit card
• Credit card
    • A 2.00% service fee will be added onto the amount owed when paying.
    • AmEx Card is not accepted.
• Cash - please bring exact amount due as we do not carry change in the office
• Cheques
      • Cheques payable to: Pen and Paper Foundation
      • Review numerical amount matches the amount in words (example: $1234.00 = one thousand two hundred thirty four and 00/100)
      • Write the date payment is due
      • Memo: Students’ first name, last name, and grade(s).
      • Verify the cheque has been signed
• E-transfer
    • Email:
    • Name: Pen and Paper Foundation
    • Please include the Name and Grade of your child in the Message so we know exactly who the fees are for.

*Please note: All these payment methods can be used for payments before Aug 30th, however, for installment plan Sept 2023-Dec 2023, we require either post-dated cheques or credit card information on file.

Refund policy

    • Registration Fee ($150) and 10% deposit is non-refundable
    • If withdrawn by Labor Day (September 4th), will receive a full refund of payment (minus 10% deposit and $150 registration fee.)
    • Any withdrawals after Labor Day (Sept 4th) will not receive any refunds.